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Fruit and Vegetable Suppliers

We are wholesale fruit & vegetable suppliers to various outlets in the North West!

Need professional wholesale fruit and vegetable suppliers, and are based in the North West of England? Then great news because we can help! At Total Serve Ltd, we have experience in a wide range of food and drink services. One of our most popular is our fantastic fruit and veg supplies.

Fruit and vegetable might not have the best reputation with younger children but, it’s not only essential to a provide a balanced diet but, also much more popular than you might think. With our supplies, you can get all the produce you could possibly need. From essential ingredients for favourite meals like cottage pie, roast dinners and much more.

Whatever food outlet you have whether it’s a café, restaurant, pub, canteen or practically anything else, we can help you get all the produce you could possibly need to ensure it is fully stocked. From sandwich fillings, to dessert and much more.

To get an idea about the huge range of Fruit & Vegetable available, check out our list below;

  • Carrots, Lettuce, Cabbage, Peas,
  • Apples, Oranges, Lemons, Bananas, Limes
  • Cucumber, Pickles, Beetroot
  • Beans, Sweetcorn, Broccoli
  • Potato, Spinach, Pumpkin
  • And much more….

And that is just a small sample of the food we have available! Our supplies have everything you could need to cover a wide range of meals. From starters to side dishes, desserts and much much more!

Leafy greens, marrows, cruciferous, allium, and many more vegetables are all available. We also have all the main fruit groups including citrus, berries and exotic. So, if you need high-quality produce, then we are the team to call.

High-quality fruit and vegetables are guaranteed with our wholesale service and any food outlet in the North West of England can benefit!

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